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PMP, Agile and a true development process

Over the last couple of years, the PMP title has become the latest fashion accessory. Unfortunately, most of the people I've dealt with have tried to enforce every facet of PMP on even the smallest of projects. They've also mostly been freshly minted so they really don't have any experience. All this has lead to projects mired in paperwork, behind schedule and ticked-off users. Over the years, I'd developed my own style that seemed to work and got a few requests to teach my style to some of the other developers. Problem was, I'd never really formalized anything. I just kinda did things. So over the last couple of months, I've been working on formalizing some things. I spent some time looking into the PMP and can see where it would bring extensive value to lots of projects, especially construction or manufacturing. There are pieces that I can see would be beneficial to the contractual side of software development. The main thought I had was that PMP would ne

Why I switched to C# (or How I Became Darth Vader)

Made the decision to switch to C# recently. The main reason: I got tired of finding code written in C# and then having to convert it to VB. It really wasn't that painful except when I'd forget the parenthesis that VB so nicely takes care of (this should be the first thing you check when you get an error). Maybe it's just because it's new but I actually like it better in most respects. If you're going to make the same switch, here's some resources: Julia Lerman's talk on C# for VB Developers C# Essentials, 2nd Edition is a great book that assumes you are an experienced developer and quickly shows all of the basic functionality you need. Technorati Tags: C# , VB , switch