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Diffference Between RegEx.IsMatch and the RegularExpressionAttribute

I was working on some code that stores a month as CCYYMM string. Of course I wanted to validate the string with Regex so I had the pattern ^20[0-2][0-9](0[1-9])|(1[0-2])$ Everything was fine as long as I was using Regex.IsMatch. The problems started when I used the RegularExpressionAttribute. Suddenly, I was getting errors everywhere. I constructed a little test to verify that there was a difference. What I found was that using the same string and pattern, yielded different results. Here’s my unit test. [TestMethod] public void DifferenceBetweenIsMatchAndRegExAttribute() { var pattern = "^20[0-2][0-9](0[1-9])|(1[0-2])$"; int cnt = 0; var months = new string[] { "201001", "201002", "201003", "201004", "201005", "201006", "201007", "201008", "201009", "201010", "201011", "201012" }; var attribute = new RegularExpress