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An Asp.Net Validation Framework (Part 3)

An Asp.Net Validation Framework (Part 1) An Asp.Net Validation Framework (Part 2) Unfortunately, if you’re using LINQ to SQL or the Entity Framework, you can’t add the custom attributes we need for validation. You could generate your entity model and then simply use those generated objects but you would lose the ability to use the designers. I prefer to leverage the code we’ve written. public class ValidatableOrmBase : ValidatableBase { private List<CustomPropertyAttributeListItem> customPropertyAttributes; public List<CustomPropertyAttributeListItem> CustomPropertyAttributes { get { if (customPropertyAttributes == null ) { customPropertyAttributes = new List<CustomPropertyAttributeListItem>(); } return customPropertyAttributes; } } public override bool Validate( bool clearBrokenRules) { base .Validate(clearBrokenRules);

Asp.Net MVC and Sys is undefined

If you’ve run into the Sys is undefined message, check to make sure that you’ve included the following: < script src ="<%= Url.Content(" ~/ Scripts / MicrosoftAjax . debug . js ") %>" type ="text/javascript" ></ script > and < script src ="<%= Url.Content(" ~/ Scripts / MicrosoftMvcAjax . debug . js ") %>" type ="text/javascript" ></ script > You can include them in your masterpage or each individual page.

Error 0x80090305 with VSS Internet

I received the above error recently when trying to connect to my VSS server using the internet service. What appears to be causing the error is that I had configured my machine  for FIPS level remote desktop access using this page . As soon as I turned it off, everything worked again.