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Find All Characters In A Column

Here's an updated way to find all characters in a column. Basically, I loop thru the ASCII readable characters and see if they are present in the column. I did skip A-Z and a-z. If you want it to include A-Z and a-z, just comment out the If statements at the bottom of the loop. DECLARE @ColumnName varchar(200) = 'Text' DECLARE @TableName varchar(200) = 'Rows' DECLARE @SchemaName varchar(200) = 'SourceData' DECLARE @Sql varchar(max) DECLARE @MaxLength int = 126 DECLARE @Iterator int = 32 CREATE TABLE #AllChars (     ColChar CHAR(1),     Instances int ) WHILE @Iterator < @MaxLength BEGIN     SET @Sql = 'INSERT INTO #AllChars (ColChar, Instances) SELECT CHAR(' + CAST(@Iterator as varchar) + '), COUNT(*) FROM ' + @SchemaName + '.' + @TableName + ' WHERE CHARINDEX(CHAR(' + CAST(@Iterator as varchar) + '), Text) > 0'       EXEC (@Sql)       SET @Iterator = @Iterator + 1     -- Skips A-Z     IF @